As promised, I’m emailing to report on how my new mack faired in heavy rain in Africa, I’m happy to say it was very effective in a torrential tropical downpour. So I must say, I remained completely dry under the mack in extremely heavy rain and it has, therefore, passed the tropical rain test. 

SK. South Sudan

Just a note to let you know that I finally had a chance to wear the coat you sent me.  Received quite a few compliments on it.  Fits great and worked well in the rain.  Thanks again. 

CB Pennsylvania, USA

I bought an amazing Mack from you today and my wife loves the colour, as I do, so no chance of days roaming the streets on my own, I’m being admired by all the women shoppers! 

PS. Dublin, Ireland

Thank you very much for my mackintosh. If the situation in Greece was as good as my mackintosh is, all the Greeks would be very happy! Many thanks. 

KM. Athens, Greece

Thanks again for your help - brilliant customer service! 

EA. York, England

The Raincoat has arrived, it’s very beautiful. I'm sure that a lot of friends and colleagues will ask me to get in touch with you for the same coat, of course also my wife saw the raincoat and she loves it so I think that she want one of your woman's model, I will inform you as soon as she will decide. 

FM. Bologna, Italy

I bought one of your Mackintosh coats in a shop in Galway last week, my mother had one in 1945 I’m so proud to have one now, keep up the great work. 

KK. Westmeath, Ireland

Just a quick word to say how beautiful the mack is – I love it and it fits very well. My colleague was also impressed so I guess she will be contacting you soon.  Many thanks for the great work.  


I bought a ladies mack yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that I think your coats are gorgeous,  I’m going to buy one for my husband. 

LS. Dublin, Ireland

Love the coat and amazed to find it on my desk when I came in this morning. Great shape, good feel, cool colour and the right size, now parading it around the office. 

KF. London, England

I received it and it's lovely!!! It fits perfectly. Many thanks, I am so delighted. 

AG. Paradise, New Foundland

Just for your information, let me tell you that I'm very happy with the coat I bought during my stay in Dublin. I'll be sure to send business your way.  

RS. Belgium


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