Care Guidelines

The care instruction label on our Mackintosh is as follows,

This easy care Mackintosh is made from 2 layers of 100% Cotton bonded together with a hi-Tech breathable waterproof membrane. The Double Texture Cotton fabrics is durable, breathable, wind and waterproof, can be washed or dry cleaned and will retain its shape even after washing and ironing. The seams are untapped and are not guaranteed 100% waterproof, however we are satisfied this Mackintosh will withstand the worst downpour of rain in general wear. This is a product of Mackintosh Rainwear Ltd (Ireland) and should not be mistaken for any other similar products.

Before cleaning, any leather belt buckles should be removed and cleaned separately.
Chemical Stain remover may be used but should be tested first on the inside.

Dry clean at the specialist dry cleaning store in your area.
Hand wash  in a basin ideally using natural soap flakes or products like woolite, if required products such as vanish may be used. Water temperature above 30° may cause the lining to shrink.  After washing,  rinse with plenty of water to remove residue and ensure an even colour, this can be done using the showerhead on even the garden hose. It’s best to dry your mackintosh by hanging on a broad plastic hanger on a clothesline.                                                                    

Machine wash in a modern washing machine with a delicate or wool mark cycle and allow the cycle to complete, ideally use natural soap flakes or products like woolite. The fabric won’t shrink nor delaminate,  the colour may run but no more than would by hand washing.  Do not tumble dry. To dry its best to hang your mackintosh on a broad plastic hanger on a clothesline                                                                    
It’s not necessary to iron or restore the shower resistant finish as the mackintosh will remain waterproof because of the concealed waterproof membrane but leaks can occur at sewing points if the shower resistant finish has worn off.

To reproof the shower resistant finish, visit your local camping supplies outlet and ask for reproofing for cotton clothing and follow the instructions.

Iron the garment from the inside, using a modern steam iron, which will have teflon-coated base to prevent surface shine. Remove any detachable items and iron separately. Pressure can be applied to any area where there is only one layer of fabric. Only light pressure or none at all should be applied to areas where there are folds or 2 layers of fabric especially at areas such as the front facing strip which has a double folded edge and pressure will cause an impression of the front, iron under the facing if possible. Avoid pressure on any area with features such as front or back capes etc. The coat and sleeve hems may be ironed with pressure to ensure a firm edge.

Hang your mackintosh in an airy place to dry completely before long term storage.

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